the evolution of the idea of boys in girls’ brains: what is that? ew- cooties. ok, you’re my friend. you’re so stupid. oh, you’re cute. hey, i like you. why are you so weird? wait, i really like you. just kidding, you’re too immature. ugh, i miss you. no i don’t. oh, that other guy… Read More puppy-love

story time

my almost-cozumel trip

one year, my family went on a carnival cruise. we’d been on cruises before, so nothing new. on each trip, each person in the family has a responsibility; mom tells us when to go where, dad carries the bags, and my brother and i have jobs that vary with each trip. on this particular trip,… Read More my almost-cozumel trip


two options

the way i see it, we have two options in life: (1) sit down and have a pity party (2) smile through it and fake it ’til you make it the last three years haven’t been easy for me, but everyone has always commented about how i still smile and you wouldn’t know i was… Read More two options


slow your roll

in today’s world, we’re always on the go. we’re rushing out the door, eating while driving like a maniac down the road, and rushing through lunch so you can finish *this*. before you know it, it’s 10 o’clock at night and you’ve been busy all day without a break. but have you noticed that when… Read More slow your roll


choosing grace twice

choosing to give myself grace the way my Savior already has. i often hold grudges on myself, not allowing myself to forget that mistake. i need to forgive myself and give myself grace. Jesus already has, so it shouldn’t be too hard, right? 05/14/2019


the ambiguous “they”

have you ever been in a conversation debating something and go, “well, they say that…” you’re not talking about a group of friends though. “they” is the “they” of the internet. my brother often goes, “well, they say that…” and when we ask him who “they” are, he says the internet. just a friendly reminder… Read More the ambiguous “they”


living present

living present. not present like gift, present like focused on the now. i’m not living present anymore. and it’s scary. for example: one day i wasn’t feel well, so i took a nap close to the time by brother was being dropped off from school. i remember being woken up by the door-bell, seeing him… Read More living present

family quotes

fiji, australia, tew crew

Following adventure’s call Into the depths of the sea, Just beyond the horizon, Is our destination. Amazing lengths have been taken, Underway for quite a while now, Simply for the enjoyment of the family. Tew Crew Adventures we call it- Really, it’s just our life; Always venturing out, Leaping at every chance we have, Impulsively… Read More fiji, australia, tew crew


fender bender

september 12, 2018 i got in a fender bender in the chick-fil-a parking lot. chick-fil-a is always packed, so i ordered online to pick up in store quickly. i got back in my car, looked behind me, slowly started coming out of the parking space. then all of a sudden, i hear honking. then a… Read More fender bender


clean up on aisle florida

first of all, let’s just take a moment and pray for everyone affected by hurricane michael. we can’t truly and completely fathom the damage- physical, emotional, spiritual, damage to homes and churches, to businesses, to power lines and gas stations- that so many people have just recently endured. on monday, october 8th, a mandatory evacuation… Read More clean up on aisle florida

sermon notes


the first thing I wanted to bring up is Job. you probably have already read the book of Job, but the first part is super interesting to me. it’s a dialogue between Satan and God. basically, you see God allowing Satan to tempt Job and all that horrible suffering. so, in that instance, it was… Read More temptation

sermon notes

prodigal daughters

all from Do you struggle with obedience to God? Submission to your husband? Have trouble loving difficult people? Welcome home then! This is your soft place to hear hard truths. I am walking the same road, sister. And I am writing my heart’s lessons as the LORD leans in and whispers rebuke, admonishment, and… Read More prodigal daughters