218 blessings of 2018

  1. Mom’s advice
  2. Dad’s assistance
  3. Bubs’ love, hugs, and snuggles
  4. Finishing 10th grade
  5. Finishing 11th grade
  6. Eating eggs again
  7. Time with extended family
  8. Kingston’s laugh and joy
  9. Mom’s entertaining craziness
  10. Painting again
  11. Alexis’ friendship and shenanegans
  12. Chance doing well in soccer
  13. Face masks
  14. Flowers
  15. Sunsets
  16. Clouds
  17. Nice weather
  18. Trees and leaves
  19. Running water
  20. Rain
  21. Dressing rooms and music
  22. Roller skating with bubs
  23. Realizing XXX isn’t for me
  24. Realizing XXX isn’t for me
  25. Bubs getting me the glass pineapple
  26. Deciding on going to Australia and Fiji
  27. Visiting colleges
  28. Getting into all four colleges I applied to
  29. Having better migraine days
  30. Going to different chiropractors
  31. Pool days at my grandmother’s
  32. Getting a new computer
  33. Getting a new iPhone
  34. Posting about vaping
  35. My aunt graduating from grad school
  36. Time with my grandfather
  37. My cousin graduating high-school
  38. Going to the light festival
  39. Plants, aloes, and cacti
  40. Listening to music in the car with bubs
  41. Listening to praise music
  42. Bowling with friends and family
  43. Beach time with family
  44. Drawing and writing
  45. Blogging
  46. Having a pool membership
  47. Doing yoga again
  48. Starting wall yoga
  49. Trying paddleboard yoga
  50. Starting to run again
  51. Top golf
  52. Barons games
  53. The color tunnel
  54. Going to the zoo with Alexis
  55. Finding new fave drinks
  56. Getting POTS more under control
  57. Rock climbing with bubs
  58. Guacamole
  59. Eating hummus
  60. Trying the whipped feta at tazikis
  61. Going to next levl with bubs
  62. Becoming a brand ambassador
  63. Getting tan this summer
  64. Going to the beach with Alexis for two weeks
  65. The ocean waves
  66. Seagulls crying on the beach
  67. Windy days on the beach
  68. Meeting new friends
  69. Editing pictures
  70. My scars
  71. Shopping with bubs
  72. Movies
  73. Watching tv to destress
  74. Cutting my hair
  75. Piercing my nose and ear
  76. Making jewelry
  77. Wearing hats again
  78. Target runs
  79. Walking through Home Goods
  80. Going to Michael’s
  81. Flying by myself for the first time
  82. Bubs having fun at camp
  83. Lunch dates with the rents
  84. Selling clothes
  85. Watching fireworks
  86. Being able to go the movies again
  87. Going to splash adventure
  88. Doing a foot detox
  89. Doing the 90 days of truth
  90. Wearing headbands
  91. Volunteering at a local hospital
  92. Holding babies
  93. Trying on super expensive dresses
  94. Bubs starting 6th grade
  95. Braiding my hair
  96. Curling my hair
  97. Holding bubs’ hand
  98. Taking pictures
  99. Taking super good selfie pictures
  100. Getting new jewelry
  101. Starting #ifeelprettybecause
  102. Starting forte forwarders
  103. Getting allergy shots
  104. Being super flexible again
  105. Auto Bahn with bubs
  106. Having Halloween at home
  107. Listening to music in the car with the windows down
  108. Getting new glasses
  109. My grandmother being safe during the hurricane
  110. My grandmother surviving breast cancer
  111. Finding Passion City Church sermons
  112. Doing mass-casualty drills at the local hospital I volunteer at
  113. Taking senior pictures
  114. Bubs making more friends
  115. My grandfather being in the homecoming parade and football night
  116. Getting new shoes
  117. Reading more books
  118. Firepits
  119. Fuzzy socks
  120. Getting more matching swim-suits
  121. Bubs being ok and “only” pulling a muscle in his stomach
  122. Going on a cruise with the friends
  123. Going scuba-diving in Grand Cayman
  124. Leo on the cruise
  125. Dancing on the cruise
  126. Bubs going to dinner with me
  127. Meeting Moses in the mall
  128. Talking on the phone with Alexis
  129. Not having to watch commercials
  130. Salsa
  131. Cucumber salad
  132. Chia pods
  133. Sea turtles
  134. Pineapple
  135. Trying acupuncture
  136. Bubs getting braces
  137. Time at Aveda
  138. Getting massages
  139. Alexis coming to visit
  140. Working out at planet fitness
  141. Getting CPR, AED, and first aid certified
  142. Taking the ACT
  143. Going to Unclaimed Baggage
  144. Going to the farmers market
  145. Trying fencing
  146. Being in the Curating the Good group
  147. Trying City Bowls
  148. Making letters for a bunch of people
  149. Going to d-groups again
  150. Parents making it to 19 years of marriage
  151. Going to football games
  152. Eating with an old friend
  153. Talking with a nutritionist
  154. Meeting a girl with the same health issues as me
  155. Thinking about Bonaire
  156. The color blue
  157. Onsie pj’s
  158. Purses
  159. Finding a new chapstick I like
  160. Family time that leaves us laughing our butts off
  161. Having more jeans and jean shorts
  162. Finally getting a pair of boots ordered
  163. Having PCOS under control for the most part
  165. Having a printer to use at home
  166. Getting so many dresses
  167. Writing empowering blog posts
  168. Traveling in general
  169. Flying in a plane
  170. Sweaters and jackets
  171. Using my own shower
  172. Bubs talking to me about his day after school sometimes
  173. Bubs trusting me to tell me some things
  174. My cousin being more mature
  175. Finding a nail polish that I like
  176. Writing letters to my future self, husband, and bubs
  177. Deciding not to do AP/honors classes
  178. Getting a Tetelestai bracelet
  179. Bubs getting me a mermaid tail necklace and fish ring
  180. Potatoes
  181. Chocolate-covered snacks
  182. Essential oil diffusers
  183. Fitbit watches
  184. Getting two turtle bracelets from anonymous people
  185. Family diners
  186. Playing Rummikub with the fam
  187. Vitamins
  188. A new oven, microwave, and fridge
  189. Sitting on the beach
  190. Parents’ support for everything
  191. Our fam always ending up in the same room
  192. Farting
  193. Lululemon
  194. Kendra Scott
  195. Zippers
  196. Candles
  197. Sweatpants
  198. Soft socks
  199. Elderberry
  200. A comfy bed
  201. Pillows and blankets
  202. The Case for Christ
  203. Stand to Reason
  204. Cheese
  205. Bread
  206. Listening to sermons online
  207. Lightning bugs
  208. Swinging in eno’s
  209. Hot tea
  210. Honey
  211. Coconut oil
  212. Taking naps in the middle of the day
  213. Crying
  214. Epsom salt baths
  215. Doctors and medicine
  216. Hot showers
  217. Knowing God has a plan and that it’ll all work out and all be worth it
  218. Being able to do school any time I want to and wear whatever I want to

written on: 12.31.2018


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