brands to shop

hey sweet peeps! did you know that the average woman spends roughly 400 hours shopping a year? wow! crazy, right. while people spend time shopping, the ocean, along with it’s marine life, is struggling.

thankfully, there are a multitude of non-profits, organizations, and shops specifically geared towards helping preserve our ocean. some of these brands include: nautical sun beads, cape clasp, sand cloud, sea turtle bonaire, shaka swim, pela case, beautiful baleine, happy earth apparel, shelly cove, and 4ocean.

organizations that stand for different causes include: sa voix, sudara, huna writstbands, cotton & rosemary, amaltri, connected clothing company, tree lyfe, and wanderer bracelets.

change and go rings are used to start up organizations and movements.

i have been blessed with the opportunity to be an ambassador for nautical sun beads, sand cloud, cape clasp, and happy earth. if you go to my posts under the ‘brands to shop’ category, you will find my discounts and links! let’s #shopwithapurpose