don’t waste your pain

a fellow blogger and instagram-“celeb” wrote about this. i enjoyed her writing, but would like to take a different spin on it.

don’t waste your pain. i have a lot of pain. physical pain. chronic migraine. POTS. PCOS. probably other undiagnosed issues. i’m always physically uncomfortable. so what does it mean for me to not waste my pain? i got plenty of it, so forgetting some wouldn’t hurt anyone… right? well- God never gives us more than we can handle. He also has a reason for everything, as it is all part of His plan. so: don’t waste my pain. my pain has a purpose. to help others. not sure exactly how. maybe my sympathy and understanding will help others in similar situations. maybe my testimony will bring others to Christ. whatever it is that day, i will use my pain to bring glory to God. a plus side of that, is the more i focus on God and giving Him glory through my pain, i won’t suffer as much.


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