fender bender

september 12, 2018 i got in a fender bender in the chick-fil-a parking lot. chick-fil-a is always packed, so i ordered online to pick up in store quickly. i got back in my car, looked behind me, slowly started coming out of the parking space. then all of a sudden, i hear honking. then a crunch. apparently, i backed into another car. the car wasn’t in the drive-thru, they were trying to go between the drive-thru line and parking spaces. well, they made us pay for the “damage” of a little dent in their bumper (of a jeep wrangler). however, my side-mirror was at the end of the car next to me when i heard the honk. and the damage on my car was on the left back side. which means i was almost out of the parking spot when we hit. i looked before i backed up… i always do. yeah. totally my fault ugh.