happy new years

new years is always full of promise. full of hope. full of expectancy. full of every good idea and intention. as the tradition goes, people make new years resolutions which they swear to live by for the next year, but never make it to the next month. you see, new years begins before the new year actually rings in. before the party reservations are made, before the iconic ball drops, before the fireworks. whenever the “holiday season” begins according to you- some start before thanksgiving even- new years starts it’s course. something about “holiday cheer” and the “spirit of Christmas” gets people to retrospect and look inwards. new years begins when people think about the past year and decide what they want to continue, and what they don’t want to continue. what they want to start, and what they don’t want to start. new years resolutions begin in the hearts of people who know they want to change. thing is, change doesn’t have to wait until January first. in fact, some of the most important, life-altering changes we encounter happen during the most unexpected times. the “fireworks” go off when we realize what needs to change. the “ball drops” when we decide on a time to mark the start of a new beginning. and the Ultimate Beginning, other than Gen 1, begins in your heart. new years, the new beginning, new traditions… it all starts when God sets off fireworks in your heart. the ball drops when you commit your life to Christ. the new resolutions are the lifestyle changes you make. and that’s just it. lifestyle. it has to be for life. not just the year, or month, or day. “new years” doesn’t have to start during the holiday season. it can start in the heat of summer or when the first leaves fall. it can be in the middle of a game or at the ending of a show. there’s no time limit, start date, or end date. the new you can start to change and make new traditions right now. lifestyle changes. new you. from now, until forever. always look inwards and decide what you want to change. then, don’t put it off until December 31… put it on the to-do list for right now. new years is about a new, year where we can change and grow and create a new lifestyle. our new lifestyle and change and growth doesn’t have to start at new years. with every new day, you have another chance- to grow, create, and change. every new years is simply the last and first days of different years. change happens between Jan 1 and Dec 31, not between Dec 31 and Jan 1. but with that being said, i hope and pray that this new, year brings you hope and expectancy and joy for the change and growth that will happen in the months to follow. change your life- in the most important ways. happy new years.


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