missionaries. there are two types: christian and non-christian. non-christian as in the devil’s workers. the same way God sends out people to spread the Good News, satan sends out servants to pervert and ruin minds. thing is, christian missionaries often stay in their comfort zone. they don’t reach the four corners of the earth and everything in between. they stay where they feel safe and don’t dare to go out of the gate. however. satan’s people are not afraid of going past the gate. in fact, they put in more effort and attract way more people than God’s people. they don’t sleep until everyone has been corrupted. they don’t rest until they know they’re sending people to hell. christian missionaries aren’t fired up enough. they aren’t as excited to share as they should be. they give themselves limits and don’t go outside their boundaries. thing is, the people who need saving are OUTSIDE THOSE BOUNDARIES. the people who need saving are the people who are greeted by satan’s workers in every direction. lies are spoken, misguidings are lead, and promises are broken way before christian missionaries even arrive on the site. we need to be more passionate. LIVES ARE AT STAKE!!! the devil’s people aren’t afraid of talking to everyone, so why are we? step outside your comfort zone! to save someone! be zealous!


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