story time

my almost-cozumel trip

one year, my family went on a carnival cruise. we’d been on cruises before, so nothing new. on each trip, each person in the family has a responsibility; mom tells us when to go where, dad carries the bags, and my brother and i have jobs that vary with each trip. on this particular trip, and up to that point, mom told us when the cruise docked and left. she made sure we were at the ship on time.

so on this cruise, one of the destinations was cozumel. it was the first time for my brother and i to go there, so our plan was to go diving and snorkeling, put our gear back on the ship, then go back out shopping and sight-seeing. mom thought the ship left at 6:30. around 4 we were the only ones left on the beach. we just figured that the people left for the other cruise ships docked that day. we eventually got to a taxi to go back to the port. when we were getting out, a security guard asked us which boat we were on. we told her.

“they’ve left already.”

no they haven’t. they leave at 6:30.

*guard walkie-talkies guards on the port*

“ok, they’re still hear, but they’re not supposed to be. they should have left an hour ago. run. go behind all the shops.”

the guard rushed us through the security parts, bypassing all the crazy so we could get to the boat faster. we come up to the end of the boat and all you hear is cheering. screaming, phones out videoing, clapping. everyone was watching us run on the side of the boat. everyone.

extended family was on that boat too and we later found out that the boat only stayed longer than it should have because my grandmother fell and the ship’s medical staff had to slowly get her back to the boat. then, we learned that our names and pictures were shown and called on the boat for about an hour. we were almost left in cozumel. with only dive gear, no cash, no nothing. because mom. bad mom.

she’s not in charge of the time anymore.