games for kids

miss mary mack 21 questions i said a boom-chicka-boom bicky bicky bum bum my baby bumble bee _&_ sitting in a tree. k.i.s.s.i.n.g. billy bob joe concentration 64 double double this this eye spy hop scotch hush little baby jump rope mother may i ninja no hands, no feet, i got tha baby beat oh… Read More games for kids


things to document with kids

favorite books school dances, with whom favorite songs favorite movies halloween outfits “i want to be a _ when i grow up” milestones (first step, word, dance, relationship, etc) churches visited church events/ camps schools attended teachers and grades concerts attended vacations favorite activities favorite celeberities favorite outfits favorite foods fads favorite colors friends favorite… Read More things to document with kids

family quotes

mother’s day 2019

mother’s day. did you know that fresh flowers and plants are bought more on this day than any other, other than Christmas? i have also heard that people use their phones to call (their moms) more on this day than any other holiday. tradition held that you would go to church then write a letter… Read More mother’s day 2019


reduced carbon footprint

here is a list of links to affordable alternatives to reduce your carbon footprint, be more eco-friendly, and help our oceans! re-usable straws bendable silicone (2-pack) collapsible stainless steel stainless steel with no bend option 1 (4-pack) use code “trinh2o” for 10% off option 2 (3-pack) use code “trinity096” for 25% off option 3 (2-pack)… Read More reduced carbon footprint

rough daze


negativity. never fun. there are always those people in your life that always seem to look at the down side, be negative, and drag everyone else around them down. it doesn’t make you feel good or happy when you’re with them, because they’re being negative. they usually don’t have that many friends because their negativity… Read More unfollow


evolution of the fourth amendment

The Fourth Amendment, in the Bill of Rights, has evolved over time. With the use of technology and addition of the Exclusionary Rule, this amendment has enhanced its authority and heightened its rights to the people. Advancements of this day require further explanation of this amendment’s jurisdiction. U.S. Supreme Court cases and political advocacy have… Read More evolution of the fourth amendment