the evolution of the idea of boys in girls’ brains: what is that? ew- cooties. ok, you’re my friend. you’re so stupid. oh, you’re cute. hey, i like you. why are you so weird? wait, i really like you. just kidding, you’re too immature. ugh, i miss you. no i don’t. oh, that other guy is cute. and so on and so on. you get the picture? ok, good.

so, imagine this. girl is in class with boy. boy likes girl. girl doesn’t know boy that much. boy waits. girl notices boy. girl talks to boy. boy asks girl out. girl says yes. boy and girl go out. girl says no more. boy hangs with ‘friends.’ girl misses boy, but boy doesn’t miss girl.

girls: if you feel like this has happened to you before, you’re not alone.

boys: what are you and how do you make us hate but like you at the same time? you’re like a five-year-old finding a butterfly for the first time- fascinated and curious, but scared to touch and get close.

now, as a teen, it’s pretty much bound to happen- you’re gonna like someone who doesn’t like you back, you’re gonna breakup with someone but still miss them, you’re gonna watch ‘everyone else’ date except you, yada-yada-yada. but why does it seem to be so much harder for girls? why are we expected to get dressed to the nines, be ladylike (but ‘put out’), be nice to your friends, hold the relationship together, let you have guys weekends, etc etc etc? guys just shower, put clothes on from yesterday, squirt some cologne (maybe- if you’re lucky), have fun with the guys, and (maybe) buy your food. it’s as if most guys don’t think they owe us respect in return for ours.

so why is it that us girls find it so incredibly frustrating and difficult to get over that boy that is so clearly over you already? i think the answer lies somewhere in the truth that we are still boys and girls, not men and women. boys and girls chase, ‘fall in love’, ‘fall out of love’, and do it all over again and again and again. men and women focus on bettering themselves until God shows you the right person. then, you date, but guard your heart and don’t swoon over the person like puppy-love. teens, aka girls and boys, have puppy-love; infatuation and head-over-heels obsessions. men and women have clearer understandings between friends, crush, and love.