hey peeps. i’ve had it on my heart for a while to start a blog. just an informal, get-it-off-my-chest, here’s what’s going on in my life, thank-you-Jesus for good days sort of environment thingie. i don’t know what my life has in store. and as of right now, i’m not an astronaut or famous singer, so i won’t have much of an impact or impression on anyone’s life. but, that doesn’t mean that i shouldn’t share my story. even though not all of my stuff is going be uplifting with inspirational quotes and whatnot, doesn’t mean that you can’t draw some sort of lesson from the daily struggles God throws my way. i’m really doing this to help myself- track my growth, keep my positivity up, get those creativity juices flowin’ haha. but i think, and hope, you’ll like my stories because my life is funny. by ‘law’, because i’m from my family, i have one adventure after another- oh, the stories my family can tell. now if you haven’t noticed already, i said informal. so i probably won’t use caps and i might use abbreviations and other stuff. but just enjoy, share, and comment- or don’t and just miss out on the craziness of my life! praying y’all have a great life and hope i can be part of some of it #alifetimeofhappydays

oh and p.s. : the princess mermaid is my nickname in the family